There is a new model available, the Union Bank of California Plaza.


I've added a new addition to my La Dèfense Collection, the Tour Initiale.


One Market Sreet in now available


SkyPaper is now 1200 meters tall!
Check out the new Al Burj model. The 2008 Collection has now been deleted. Also, I will be modelling the winner of the NY poll, the
One Madison Park.

The website is online once again! It was a problem with the server but it has been fixed. I'll soon be posting the Al Burj, well, once I get the roof section done.

I've finished today the
Capricorn Tower in Dubai having now done a total of 20 models.

The first model from Dubai has just been added! The MAG 218 is located in the Dubai Marina and is 270 meters tall.Also, I would like to remind you to vote on "My next NYC model" in the polls. I will then model the building that gets more votes by the end of the month.

I've added Difficulty Levels to the models, hopefully to help those uncertain about the complexity of my models. The ratings are: Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard


The 2008 Collection, my oldest work, will be remove in the end of the month. This will be the last time you will be able to get these models. I'm removing them because I find them obsolete, the scale is..different (I don't even know what's the scale) and I don't like the textures.


SkyPaper: La Défense collection was added. I'll keep uploading new models into this collection.


Hello. Welcome to my website. In case you haven't noticed, I'm modelling again. I will keep all of my "2008 Collection" models available but all the other will be removed. In their place I will upload all my new models. Also, you can check the latest models in my thread.
Welcome to SkyPaper
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Louisiana Jones Act Injuries Counter
30/01/10 La Défense Collection was added
10/01/10 Website has been updated
1- One Liberty Plaza
2-Prudential Tower
3- Insurance Center
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